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December 2013 Archives

Authorities in Sacramento look for suspect in sexual assaults

Law enforcement authorities in nearby Sacramento have turned their focus to a couple of unsettling incidents that have occurred along Interstate 80 in recent months. A recent report of a sexual assault that allegedly occurred on December 10 closely matched the details of a previous report of a sexual assault that occurred back on September 19. In both instances the female victims alleged that they were dragged down embankments as they were walking along the roadside. It appears that once the perpetrator believed he had secured the victims out of sight of the road he then assaulted them.

California man arrested for embezzling from the state

Evidence and motive are two very important elements in criminal trials. When a person is accused of a crime, it must first be determined what evidence the police or prosecutor has against the person. Then, during the trial, the intent of the person must be proven in specific intent cases. Even when specific intent is not required to be proven, establishing what a person's intent or motive was at the time of the crime can help defendants and their attorneys present a more compelling story in favor of the defendant. For embezzlement and other internet crimes, the evidence is often times on a computer, which can complicate the process a bit.

Couple alleged to sell drugs out of Roseville home

Sometimes news reports involving drug charges can be the most shocking to read, simply because individuals who take part in an effort to sell drugs are often alleged to go to extreme lengths to carry out the crime. If a recent report is to be believed, the arrest of several individuals in Roseville matches this description.

Man in nearby Elk Grove faces sex crimes charges

Some of our Roseville readers may be familiar with the social media phenomena known as "sexting," which involves sending sexual-charged statements or photos via text messaging. Most of the coverage of this type of behavior in the news media usually focuses on the behavior of teens, and sometimes the worst that happens is that a student gets suspended or expelled from school for it. However, the result was much different for a 48-year-old man in nearby Elk Grove.

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