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Couple alleged to sell drugs out of Roseville home

Sometimes news reports involving drug charges can be the most shocking to read, simply because individuals who take part in an effort to sell drugs are often alleged to go to extreme lengths to carry out the crime. If a recent report is to be believed, the arrest of several individuals in Roseville matches this description.

According to the report, two Roseville residents, a 32-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife, were arrested on December 3 for allegedly running a drug sale operation out of their home. Two other individuals, a 31-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman, were also arrested at the same time. The report indicates that police officers were at the residence conducting a search related to one of the home's resident's being on probation. The law enforcement officials allegedly found methamphetamine - or "meth," as it is commonly known - as well as cocaine. The shocking part is that some of the illegal drugs were said to have been hidden away in a child's room. As a result, all four of the individuals were arrested on charges of child endangerment, as well as a multitude of drug charges.

The reports also indicate that the home in question is actually in a part of town that is described as "quiet" and "nice." Nonetheless, the authorities are maintaining that the couple was engaged in drug-related criminal activity, and both will now face charges of keeping a place to sell drugs.

Some of our readers may not know that a common condition of probation is to automatically consent to a search of whatever residence the probationer resides in. That kind of consent can ultimately affect more people than just the probationer, and the allegations in this story certainly seem to indicate that this was the case in the Dec. 3 search that resulted in these four arrests.

Source:, "Roseville couple arrested - drugs hidden in child's room," Randy Miramontez, Dec. 6, 2013

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