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January 2014 Archives

Explosion in nearby Rancho Cordova could lead to drug charges

There can be no denying that drug abuse in America leads to many different and dangerous activities. For starters, drug abusers put themselves at risk, particularly with so-called "hard" drug use, such as using cocaine or methamphetamine. But, for many types of illegal drugs, in order for the drug user to get the drugs the drugs need to be manufactured. This can also be an extremely dangerous activity, as evidenced in a recent incident.

Are public policy goals being achieved in California?

Most of our Roseville readers know that being charged with a crime that involves drugs or a gun is likely to be a felony charge. Indeed, many police officers would probably tell our readers that where they find one the other is usually present. There is no denying the danger these two items can present to society when they fall into the wrong hands, which is why the public policy in California is slanted toward more serious punishment for a suspect who ends up being convicted of a felony-level crime. This message, perhaps, is getting through.

Police allegedly find meth and heroin while executing warrants

It seems like as state and federal law enforcement officials lessen their focus on one drug, marijuana, they have set their sights on another: methamphetamine, or "meth." There is likely isn't anyone who would argue that meth is not the more dangerous drug, but that fact, combined with meth's rapid spreading across the country, may have the authorities too focused on one particular drug.

Couple facing charges over alleged meth and firearms transactions

Our Roseville readers may have heard about a case out of Yolo County that is getting quite a bit of news coverage these days. The controversy surrounds a husband and wife team who were allegedly up to all kinds of illegal activity.

High school teacher arrested in nearby Rocklin

Many of our Roseville readers have probably heard of the social media phenomena known as "sexting." For those who don't know, sexting is basically just sending text messages with either sexually charged language, or even pictures that involve nudity or sex acts. Some people don't find this type of behavior too concerning, figuring it is probably just teens being teens.

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