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February 2014 Archives

Teens and social media mix - sometimes with very bad results

Every generation thinks that the young people who come after them are incredibly different. For some people, the fact that kids wear helmets these days when they do just about anything, from riding bicycles to roller skating, is strange since many people would never have thought to do so when they were children - and their parents never mentioned it. Generational differences are certainly interesting, but something has impacted the latest generation of kids and teenagers that may just be one of the biggest game-changers of all time: social media.

Court decision could have major impact on gun control efforts

For those among our readers who believe that gun control efforts in California go too far, a recent development is likely to be considered a victory. As many have probably heard by now, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently struck down California regulations that permitted local governments to restrict an individual's right to carry a concealed weapon.

California law enforcement agencies receive cash distributions

Something that our Roseville readers may not know is that when police agencies bust suspects who are alleged to have been involved in efforts to sell drugs, some of those individuals' property can be subject to forfeiture to the authorities. Although it can take some time for the final transfer to occur, given the relatively lengthy nature of the criminal justice process, police agencies nonetheless have quite a bit to gain if the focus is on arresting suspects with a lot of allegedly drug-related property.

Roseville crime report has both good and bad points

Statistics can make a big difference in the criminal justice system here in California. All kinds of different parts of the judicial system depend on statistics, like, for instance, statistics that tend to prove or disprove whether or not a specific program is working. For example, probation departments across the country look at recidivism rates - the rate at which probationers re-offend - to determine whether or not they are taking the right approach to probation supervision.

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