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March 2014 Archives

Teacher is alleged to have secretly recorded children

Some of our Roseville readers may remember seeing news coverage in October of last year about a former teacher who was arrested at that time on allegations of possessing and producing child pornography. At the time not many details were released about this teacher's alleged illegal activity. A recent report, however, has provided coverage of some details released by the Roseville Police Department.

Task force operation in Sacramento results in multiple arrests

Many may know that law enforcement agencies, in an effort to combat drug abuse in California, often team-up on both the state and federal levels to conduct investigations and execute warrants as part of designated "task forces." These efforts often involve highly visible moves into targeted areas of a city or town, usually in an effort to not only arrest criminal suspects, but to also show residents that police activity is underway - and could be at any time.

Six people arrested in Roseville on burglary and drug charges

When it comes to criminal activity, most law enforcement officials would probably tell our readers that one thing often leads to another. So, when Roseville police officers arrested several people in connection with an alleged burglary ring, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the authorities have also claimed that some of the individuals were also allegedly involved in efforts to sell drugs.

Alleged rape leaves two Roseville men in jail with no bail

Any crime involving sex is sure to catch the attention of the media and the public. In many cases, the person who is alleged to have committed the crime will claim that the sexual contact was consensual, placing the issue of consent front and center in the ensuing judicial process. However, sometimes it is not until much later in the case that the issue of consent becomes a crucial factor, and, as reports surface of a rape in the local area, it could be some time before the details on whether or not consent will come into play in that case are released.

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