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Task force operation in Sacramento results in multiple arrests

Many may know that law enforcement agencies, in an effort to combat drug abuse in California, often team-up on both the state and federal levels to conduct investigations and execute warrants as part of designated "task forces." These efforts often involve highly visible moves into targeted areas of a city or town, usually in an effort to not only arrest criminal suspects, but to also show residents that police activity is underway - and could be at any time.

In a recent operation at the beginning of March, the Federal Bureau of Investigation teamed with several local and state police agencies in Sacramento as part of the FBI's "Safe Streets Task Force." Through an ongoing investigation, which reports indicate has a particular focus on criminal gang activity and methamphetamine operations, the task force recently arrested a number of individuals.

According to the reports, at least two individuals were arrested with enough drug paraphernalia and meth in their possession that they will most likely face drug charges associated with an alleged intent to distribute - charges that carry much more significant potential penalties than simple possession of controlled substances. And, if the connection can be made to gang activity, as the reports seem to indicate is a strong possibility, these individuals could be in for even more problems.

Manufacturing or dealing illegal drugs is a surefire way to catch the attention of law enforcement agencies, from the local level all the way up to the FBI. In California, one of the states that many would consider to be a gateway for illegal drugs into America, federal law enforcement agencies are more likely to have a more significant presence.

Source: The News-Ledger, "Meth-related arrests in central & northern West Sacramento," Steve Marschke, March 14, 2014

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