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There are some criminal activities that many people consider to be victimless crimes. Prostitution is one of these activities. However, law enforcement officials will counter that this type of behavior is not victimless at all, and in fact it can be responsible for spreading diseases and, in more recent years, it could also be part of a large-scale human trafficking operation. With this in mind, numerous law enforcement agencies recently took place in a sweeping operation along Highway 101 aimed at curbing prostitution activity in the area.

According to the reports, the operation, which included police stings and undercover activity, was mostly implemented over the course of the day on Friday, April 4. All told it was reported that approximately 100 law enforcement officers from 23 different agencies took part in the operation, including officers from local police departments and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

It appears that analyzing Internet and advertisement activity was the main way that law enforcement officers were targeting both those suspected of prostitution and those who would solicit those services. Nineteen people were reportedly arrested in the operation.

From the scale of this recent operation in the nearby Bay Area, it is quite clear that law enforcement officials in the local area do not view prostitution in California as a victimless crime. Although most of the charges associated with this type of illegal behavior are misdemeanors, the fact remains that this type of arrest can be even more of a stigma on someone's arrest record than other misdemeanors, like DUI arrests. As a result, anyone facing these types of criminal charges will want to be sure that they aren't approaching the charges like some other run-of-the-mill arrest.

Source: The Press Democrat, "Prostitution sting targeting Highway 101 corridor nets 19 arrests," Mary Callahan, April 7, 2014

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