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Increased media attention on gun crimes in America may have our Roseville readers thinking that a mass gun attack could happen at any moment. There are, of course, certain segments of the news media who would like to promote that kind of fear in an effort to push gun control legislation forward, both on the state and federal levels. That is why simple law enforcement exercises, like the one that was recently conducted at the Roseville Galleria, are given quite a bit of news coverage.

For those who may not have heard by now, the exercise took place on April 3. The training was meant to simulate a gun attack on the mall and its businesses and patrons. The Federal Bureau of Investigations coordinated the training, but a number of other state and federal law enforcement agencies and emergency responders also participated, including the Roseville Police Department. According to the reports, the exercise in Roseville was one of many taking place across the country.

There is probably no one who would complain about law enforcement agencies preparing themselves for an event that would be such a horrific situation. However, there could be negative fallout from this type of exercise if lawful gun owners feel threatened by increased scrutiny on those who are legally permitted to carry firearms for personal protection. And, if this increases the nervous tension an inexperienced police officer feels in the field, there could be a greater chance of a wrongful arrest - or even an accidental shooting.

There will probably always be tension between lawful gun owners and law enforcement agencies. But, when agencies carry out this type of large-scale exercise, one can't help but wonder what type of message is being sent.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "FBI mall attack training exercise at Roseville Galleria is concluded," Bill Lindelof, April 3, 2014

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