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Plea deal spares NFL draftee of DUI charge

Many people all across California watched the NFL draft last week and over the weekend. One of the players taken in that draft is named Bradley Roby, a cornerback who worked hard over the last month to get picked in the first round. You may be asking yourself why we are talking about Bradley Roby on a criminal defense blog, and the answer is that Roby pleaded down a drunk driving charge before the draft so that he could focus on his career.

Roby was sitting in his car in a parking lot when some police officers approached the vehicle. They were unable to get his attention for a moment, but once they did, they smelled the scent of alcohol emanating from his vehicle. Roby then failed sobriety tests and was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.08.

He was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is the equivalent of a driving under the influence charge. However, Roby agreed to a deal where he would plead guilty to a lesser drunk driving charge, thus freeing him up from the serious consequences and stress related to an OVI or DUI charge. With the deal, he was able to focus on his NFL career.

The important lesson here is that plea deals can be extremely beneficial to the person being accused of a crime, especially in DUI cases. A person stands to lose a lot if found guilty of DUI, so a plea deal, if you have the opportunity to accept such a deal, can be very important.

Source: Yahoo! Sports, "Former Ohio State CB Bradley Roby takes plea deal after OVI charges," Nick Bromberg, April 29, 2014

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