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Drunk woman arrested in driveway after running over her father

Drunk driving arrests most often happen on city streets and highways where a stop is made after an officer notices something abnormal about the person driving (e.g. weaving, straddling lanes, driving too slow), or discovers something after a routine traffic stop (e.g. alcohol on the driver’s breath, glassy, bloodshot eyes). However, under California law, a driver could be arrested on suspicion of drunk driving even if he or she is in a parking lot, or in one’s driveway, as long as the offending driver is behind the wheel.

even if he or she is in a parking lot, or in one’s driveway.

Such was the case with a Southern California woman, who is accused of being under the influence of alcohol when she allegedly backed over her father when pulling out of the driveway. According to witnesses, the woman had been drinking and arguing with family members before she decided to leave. Her father, reportedly worried that she was going to drive while drunk, stood behind the car in an attempt to prevent her from leaving.

Apparently, and unfortunately, the woman did not see her father before putting the car in reverse and proceeding down the driveway. Witnesses say that she stopped immediately when she saw what she had done. Her father was taken to the hospital, where he later passed away. The woman was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. No information was provided as to whether she took a roadside breathalyzer test or what her BAC was measured to be. Also, it remains to be seen whether additional charges will be filed since the accident victim passed away.

The preceding is an example of how a person can be charged with drinking and driving even though he or she is not driving on the street. 

Source: LA “Riverside woman runs over father, fatally injuring him, police say,” Bettina Boxall, June 16, 2014

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