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Sex offender registry could await you for these 'criminal' acts

Did you know that here in the state of California, it is possible for someone charged with urinating in public to be put on the sex offender registry? There are many other states that also have this law on their books, and it is just one type of sex offender law that seems archaic and unnecessarily punitive. 

For example, crimes related to prostitution and brothels can lead to the charged individuals landing on the sex offender registry. Underage teenagers can be placed on the sex offender registry if they have consensual sex.

Look, any of these acts are unacceptable. We certainly aren't condoning this behavior. But think about it: these are non-violent crimes that potentially leave the charged individual (or individuals) with a life-long punishment that prevents them from finding suitable living situations and jobs, as well as being in certain areas of towns and cities. Being placed on the sex offender registry will change your life forever.

So what can be done about this? Well, lawmakers have to revamp the rules -- of course given the connotations of "being soft" on sex offenders is unlikely to make this a reality. It's unfortunate, because all you have to do is listen to the story of an 18-year-old who had consensual sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend (and got placed on the sex offender registry for it) to know there's a problem with these types of laws and that small changes should be applied to these rules.

That 18-year-old ended up marrying his then 14-year-old girlfriend many years later, and two decades after his original crime, he was pardoned by his state's Governor, leading to him being removed from the sex offender registry. Until that pardon, he couldn't attend the baseball games or dance recitals of his children, of which the couple has four. 

Source: Slate, "The Ridiculous Laws That Put People on the Sex Offender List," Chanakya Sethi, Aug. 12, 2014

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