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The penalties of a DUI are serious, so you must defend yourself

Imagine that you and a few friends agree to go up to a cabin that you rented for the weekend. You guys want to getaway from it all, and it's the perfect weekend for such an occasion. As part of the celebration though, you bring numerous alcoholic beverages -- and during the weekend, you consume some of these beverages and you decide to drive your friends into town near the cabin.

During this ride, you are pulled over by police and accused of drunk driving. Eventually they charge you with DUI. Regardless of whether you should have been driving or not (and you shouldn't have been driving), your focus now needs to shift on defending yourself and protecting your rights in the wake of a DUI charge.

People who are accused of a DUI stand to lose a lot. They will lose their license for a significant amount of time, which can affect their personal and professional lives in significant ways. They will also be subject to numerous court fees, legal penalties and fines as a result of the DUI. You could even be subject to ignition interlock. All of these things will change your life, so you need to defend your case as best you can.

Our law firm can help you in this endeavor, and we will do everything in our power to lessen the penalties against you, or even get the charges against you dismissed. We will challenge the evidence against you and vigorously investigate the circumstances of your DUI arrest.

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