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Juvenile records an issue for many states

Just like in our last post, we're going to leave the state of California for this story. As we have talked about numerous times, crimes committed by juveniles could come back to haunt them later in life. There are many juveniles who have their records wiped clean once they become adults, but others aren’t so lucky.

And then, there are the juveniles in the state of Florida. Apparently the Sunshine State has had trouble recently in protecting the criminal record of juveniles, and they haven't been quick to wipe their records when they become adults.

According to a report by the Juvenile Law Center, Florida has a number of loopholes that allow the records of crimes people committed when they were juveniles to leak out. The state is also notoriously slow for clearing out juvenile records, which are supposed to be wiped automatically when the individual becomes an adult. To the contrary, according to the report, Florida usually takes years before such a record is cleared.

What makes this worse is that most juvenile crimes -- a whopping 95 percent of them -- are non-violent. Young people make mistakes, and there's no reason for silly teenage shenanigans to punish that person for the rest of their life.

Any juvenile that is accused of a crime needs to have legal representation. With a criminal defense attorney, the juvenile can rest assured that they are being properly defended against the consequences of the charge they are accused of -- and that any improprieties on the part of law enforcement or clerical criminal record workers is dealt with swiftly.

Source: Miami Herald, "Florida failing to keep juvenile crime records confidential," Jenny Staletovich, Nov. 14, 2014

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