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Assuming a juvenile crime is minor can lead to problems

Imagine that your son or daughter is in high school, and as a high schooler they are bound to get into a little bit of trouble. They aren't necessarily going to commit serious crimes, but they are going to get into relatively minor infractions and offenses that still count as crimes. This happens from time to time. A prank goes wrong or too far; a rush of blood to the head leads to a misdemeanor; that youthful vigor makes them feel invincible, and they think they can do no wrong.

But of course, they can do wrong, and they just might do wrong. So your son or daughter ends up in one of these situations, and they are charged with a crime. Since it's a minor crime and it's your child, you think that nothing serious will come of it. You don't hire an attorney and think that this will all blow over quite quickly.

However, this is exactly the course of action that parents and juveniles need to avoid. You need an attorney, no matter how minor the situation may seem. The system won't necessarily take it easy on your child just because he or she has been obedient and a noble citizen for his or her entire life.

It is very tempting to skip the step of hiring an attorney, but you really need some legal support when your son or daughter is accused of a crime. If that happens to you, consider us at the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore. We will defend your child's rights and do everything in our legal power to protect your family.

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