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Get an attorney in the wake of a DUI charge

Every night, there are people in this world who go to a bar or restaurant and have a little too much to drink. They get in their car and drive home, whether they know that they are over the limit or not. Drunk drivers are a danger on the road, there's no arguing that. But not all drunk drivers are dangerous (or bad) people. They simply made a mistake that they will likely pay for in a number of ways.

We write this post for two reasons. The first is to strongly discourage people from drinking and then driving. Do everything you can to line up a designated driver if you are going out on the weekend, or even for a short happy hour after work. It's not worth the risk of getting a DUI offense.

But the other reason we write this post is because people who make that one mistake still have a chance to defend themselves and either limit the damage from a DUI offense, or have the charges dropped entirely if the case against them doesn't hold up.

There are multiple ways that you can get a DUI in the state of California, and the penalties and consequences of a DUI vary from situation to situation. But in general, you can expect to take a whopping financial hit and for your personal life to become much more complicated in the wake of a DUI charge.

You can try to avoid this (or at least limit the scope of the damage) by contacting the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III. We take pride in defending people who have been accused of driving under the influence, and we will work hard for you to ensure this DUI doesn't ruin your life.

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