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Drunk driver will be forced to relive DUI thanks to online video

As we've talked about numerous times on this blog, the penalties associated with a drunk driving charge are very real and very serious. They can change a person's life and make it very difficult for them to recover from the incident. At the same time, there is also an element of embarrassment and ostracization that goes along with a drunk driving charge.

Relationships you one had with friends or loved ones may become strained or different as a result of the DUI, may it be due to conflict over the charge or because other people simply judge you or treat you differently. We bring all of this up in light of a DUI story in California where a man was arrested for drunk driving after he fell asleep in a fast food restaurant's drive-thru lane.

The man had a blood alcohol level of 0.16, double the legal limit. The police arrested him and charged him with DUI -- but that wasn't all. A video of the man falling asleep was posted to Facebook, assuring that the man will be thoroughly embarrassed by the incident forever. The video is online for everyone to view and laugh at.

This is wholly unnecessary. People who have been accused of drunk driving don't need to be further embarrassed. They already feel bad enough as it is, and they are fighting for their livelihood in court just to be able to live in world that will treat them harshly at every turn. They need capable legal representation in that courtroom to minimize the damage they face.

Source: KTLA, "Suspected DUI Driver Falls Asleep in Central California Drive-Thru, Is Arrested," Melissa Palmer, Jan. 19, 2015

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