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Rape case falls apart after allegations proven to be untrue

No one will argue that rape is not a serious crime. It's a terrible offense that scars the victim for a long time, if not for the rest of the victim's life. Rape carries a significant stigma with it for the offender, and the individual who is accused or convicted of the crime will face a lifetime of serious consequences -- both in terms of legal punishment, and also personal devastation.

So now imagine what is must be like for someone who is falsely accused of rape, and then has to spend a year in jail for a crime he never committed -- and then even after the true story comes out, his life still isn't the same.

Sadly, this happened to someone recently after a woman he was seeing claimed he raped her. He was sent to jail for a year as a result of his "crime." But then during the investigation, it became clear that the woman's story simply didn't add up. The police eventually let the man go and cleared his name, and the woman was sent to jail for lying to the police.

This story isn't meant to trivialize the seriousness of a rape allegation. But it is meant to highlight the fact that such a serious crime carries serious connotations -- and when someone is innocent until proven guilty, we need to stand by that hallmark, even when it involves such a serious offense. False allegations, may they involve a serious crime like rape or a more minor crime in relation, hurt everyone involved.

Source: IJReview, "As Falsely Accused Man Sits in Jail, A Woman's Rape Accusations Fall Apart on Damning Video," Kara Pendleton, Dec. 2014

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