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Lack of evidence results in no sexual assault charges for teens

Fifteen teenage boys and their parents are likely breathing sighs of relief following the announcement that they will not have to face any criminal charges. Accused of being involved in a sexual assault scandal, 10 of those 15 individuals were arrested while at a Southern California school. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office cited a lack of evidence as the reason for not filing any charges.

A local high school somehow discovered possible unlawful sexual activities going on between students and reported its concern to the police. All of the boys were between the ages of 14 and 17 years old, although the ages of the two girls suspected of being victimized were not given. According to authorities, the suspected activities possibly took place both on the school's campus and elsewhere.

Exactly what happened is not clear, but the alleged assaults apparently lasted from Dec. 2013 until the boys' arrests. California authorities stated that many of the suspected acts were likely consensual, but some of the participants were not old enough to actually give legal consent. However, with little concrete evidence, the charges were dropped. One of the boys who was arrested had his case dropped back in March 2015, although the rest had to wait two more months for their cases to be dismissed.

There is no denying that sexual assault is a serious matter that can have devastating effects on everyone involved. However, when facing prosecution for these types of claims, those accused can experience especially negative effects on their school, work and personal lives. Reviewing the charges and related evidence as early as possible is often key to constructing a solid legal foundation to defend oneself against allegations.

Source:, "No charges to be filed against 15 high school boys in alleged sex assault case", May 20, 2015

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