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Weapons can bump a charge up to a more severe level

When it comes to "crime," the portrayal you often see on TV and in movies is of violence and theft. A bunch of bank robbers wield guns and push innocent bystanders to the floor; a disheveled man takes money out of a cash register at a corner store while flashing his weapon to warn the clerk not to scream for help; a fleeing person stops a car and pulls the driver out of the vehicle so that they may take the car and escape. These scenes are part of the canon of the action genre.

While this may make for some lively entertainment, in real life crimes that involve violence and robbery obviously aren't as entertaining, and they aren't as clear cut as a TV show or film would make it seem.

Take, for example, a simple assault charge. On its own, it can still lead to some very serious consequences for the individual who perpetrates it. However, if the person has a weapon on him or her, that assault charge could (and likely will) be upgraded to aggravated assault. As the progression of these crimes makes clear, there are even more penalties for an aggravated assault charge.

It is also possible for some unexpected items to be considered "weapons" in the eyes of the law when a crime takes place. This can lead to people suffering these enhanced charges under, shall we say, questionable circumstances.

No matter what type of charge has been filed against you, weapon crimes are very serious and you need to legally defend yourself

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