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June 2015 Archives

Callifornia sexual assault charge not necessarily easy to define

As sexual assault is often used as a catch-all phrase when referring to criminal charges, it is understandable that those facing such allegations might feel confused. There is no doubt that sexual assault is a serious charge and should be handled carefully, with respect to both the defendant as well as the potential victim. However, everyone involved in these types of allegations should actually be aware of what sexual assault means in a California criminal courtroom.

Federal indictment includes weapons charge for 7 people

Federal charges have been filed against seven California individuals for allegedly taking part in an attempt to smuggle illegal firearms. At least one of those arrested also faces a state weapons charge. Police believe that the intended recipient of the firearms is a large cartel located outside of the country.

Police charge man with DUI after he allegedly fled wreck

Authorities in California arrested a man on the suspicion of driving while under the influence after they say he caused not one but two different accidents. Although he was not actually in his vehicle when the second accident took place, he is still being charged with a felony DUI. One person died in the second wreck. The specific reasoning behind the elevated criminal charge was not reported.

Facing a weapons charge? You may have more options than you think

Although TV shows and movies might portray most weapon violations as serious acts of violence, the reality of what weapon charges entail are actually far less straightforward than that. For instance, were you aware that you need not actually use a weapon to be charged with a weapons charge? In some instances, simply having a weapon on your person or nearby during another alleged act is enough for California authorities to make an arrest.

Early morning altercation leads to weapons charge for man

Although no one appeared to be injured in the incident, an altercation led to the arrest California man. Officers arrested him on a weapons charge for having a concealed weapon on his person. He also faces one additional charge of possessing analogues.

California lawmaker seeks to limit juvenile solitary confinement

Imagine being locked in a small, concrete room alone for days -- even weeks -- on end. In "the box," you seemingly have no rights. You can't even use the bathroom freely, and you are forced to sleep on a bare, thin mattress. If you are lucky, you have a book to read, but it could be taken away at any time if the wrong person catches you with it.

Driver in fatal California wreck accused of DUI, manslaughter

The only survivor of a tragic, single-vehicle wreck is behind bars following allegations that he may have been intoxicated at the time of the wreck. California authorities did not take the driver into custody at the scene of the accident, but instead made the arrest later after the driver had returned to his home. Currently, police suspect him of both DUI as well as felony vehicular manslaughter.

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