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Early morning altercation leads to weapons charge for man

Although no one appeared to be injured in the incident, an altercation led to the arrest California man. Officers arrested him on a weapons charge for having a concealed weapon on his person. He also faces one additional charge of possessing analogues.

The altercation took place at roughly 2 a.m., when two men began arguing in a residence. For reasons that are unclear, the men moved the argument outside of the home, where things turned physical. In what may have been an attempt to stop the physical attacks, one of the men withdrew a gun and proceeded to fire multiple shots with the gun point upward. There were no injuries related to the shots, and the argument between the two men apparently stopped at that point.

A woman and the man who apparently fired the shots retreated from the residential home in a vehicle, although they later stopped and notified the authorities of what had occurred. That 911 call led California police to catch up to the vehicle carrying the two individuals, and the man was ultimately arrested. Originally placed behind bars, he later posted bond and was told to return for his court date.

Exactly what caused the altercation to take place in the first place is not known, although police believe that either religion or a mother's loss of a child could have sparked the feud. When filed alongside drug-related charges -- such as possession of analogues -- a conviction for a weapons charge can do much more than land a defendant with steep fines; it can also put them in jail. Before going before a judge, California defendants might want to consider evaluating their charges in order to determine the most appropriate course of action. Fighting the charges throughout the entirety of a trial court can be most beneficial for some people, although negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution is a valid approach for others.

Source:, "Man charged for firing shots into air in Roseville", June 2, 2015

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