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Facing a weapons charge? You may have more options than you think

Although TV shows and movies might portray most weapon violations as serious acts of violence, the reality of what weapon charges entail are actually far less straightforward than that. For instance, were you aware that you need not actually use a weapon to be charged with a weapons charge? In some instances, simply having a weapon on your person or nearby during another alleged act is enough for California authorities to make an arrest.

First, it is useful to establish what police actually consider a weapon. Typically, these charges do relate to firearms, but even something as simple as a knife might also be considered a weapon in certain circumstances. However, just because the police say it is a weapon does not mean that it actually is. If the nature of the charges might be considered questionable, we know how to demonstrate whether an object can actually be considered a weapon. 

If an officer has determined that a possessed item is indeed a weapon, it is important to determine where that object was at the time. For instance, was it on your person? In your vehicle? Perhaps it was simply nearby, giving police the unfair impression that it was in your possession.

Weapons charges are an understandably serious offense, but we understand that innocent people are sometimes arrested on unfair or wrong allegations. Our commitment to our clients in California has not wavered during the last 50 years, and we work to demonstrate the true nature and the actual circumstances that went into an arrest, not just an arresting officer's version. If you were recently charged for any type of weapons charge, including possession or unlawful sale, please visit our website for more information.

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