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July 2015 Archives

Suspect brought up on weapons charge and drug crimes

There are certain types of weapons that people are not allowed to have. On the other hand, there are many people who decide not to follow these rules for one reason or another. However, this can result in serious legal problems for those who break these laws. This is what one man recently decided to do and is now facing a weapons charge as well as various other criminal charges in California.

Man faces DUI charges after fatal accident in California

After a car crash, the law requires drivers involved to stop and render help to those who may need assistance. However, in the heat of the moment, people tend to be operating on pure emotion, which can affect their judgment. This seems to have been what happened to one driver who had allegedly fled from the scene of an accident in California. He now faces DUI charges as well as other criminal charges.

Man and girlfriend arrested for child pornography in California

Humans are complicated beings and why they do some things cannot be easily explained. Some people have inappropriate sexual impulses that they cannot control. These impulses can result in serious legal problems if a person decides to take things too far. One couple in California has ended up in this situation and is now facing criminal charges for child pornography, as well as various other crimes.

Is indecent exposure considered to be a sex crime?

Sex crimes are an understandable worry for communities across California, but authorities and the general public are at times quick to jump to judgments against those accused of committing them. Charges related to sex crimes can vary considerably, and contrary to many people's belief, they are not always related to accusations of rape or sexual assault. Indecent exposure falls under the breadth of sex crimes, although it might not be as well understood as other charges.

Car wreck with Uber vehicle prompts DUI charges

Three people were injured and another killed in a car accident involving an Uber vehicle. California authorities arrested one of the injured individuals on allegations of driving while under the influence, which they believe might have played a role in the fatal accident. The defendant is currently behind bars on DUI charges, although he has the option to post bail. 

Collision nets California man a DUI charge

An accident that sent two people to the hospital also resulted in one California man's arrest. Suspected of being under the influence, the driver was charged by the authorities with a DUI, although the investigation is still ongoing. The driver's blood-alcohol content -- if one was recorded at all -- is currently not known.

Alleged California juvenile law offender tased during arrest

The circumstances surrounding a young teen's recent arrest in California might have raised a few eyebrows. Although it has been noted that the young man had apparently run away from his home, the exact nature of his criminal charges was not made available. As juvenile law differs from the criminal process for adults in a few key aspects, his appearance before a court will not include a jury. 

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