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Man faces DUI charges after fatal accident in California

After a car crash, the law requires drivers involved to stop and render help to those who may need assistance. However, in the heat of the moment, people tend to be operating on pure emotion, which can affect their judgment. This seems to have been what happened to one driver who had allegedly fled from the scene of an accident in California. He now faces DUI charges as well as other criminal charges.

The incident happened one morning in mid-July when the man somehow crashed his vehicle into a car that had been stopped at a red light. Police reports claim that the man attempted to flee from the scene; however, authorities were eventually able to find the man. He was subsequently arrested and charged with a DUI and a hit and run. Both of these serious criminal charges are considered felonies.

Unfortunately, the accident resulted in the death of one 18-year-old passenger in the stopped car. The suspect was charged with vehicular manslaughter while being intoxicated as a result of the death of the victim. The driver of the stopped car was the 20-year-old sister of the decedent. As of the latest reports, the suspect was still behind bars, and there have been no reports as to whether or not the suspect was granted bail.

The suspect is undoubtedly worried about what is going to happen next. However, it is best he keeps his composure and pays close attention to what authorities discover through their investigation into the fatal car accident in California. This evidence will likely be used against the defendant in his DUI court case. On the other hand, there could also be evidence that would lend to the suspect's legal defense against the criminal charges.

Source:, "Cal Poly student killed by suspected drunk driver", Christina Favuzzi, July 12, 2015

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