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Suspect brought up on weapons charge and drug crimes

There are certain types of weapons that people are not allowed to have. On the other hand, there are many people who decide not to follow these rules for one reason or another. However, this can result in serious legal problems for those who break these laws. This is what one man recently decided to do and is now facing a weapons charge as well as various other criminal charges in California.

The man was arrested recently after the local police department received a call of a suspected illegal marijuana growing operation. A location that was once an auto repair and paint shop was put under surveillance. A detective approached the suspect as he was pulling up to the property. The police found that the suspect was driving with a suspended license, which resulted in a citation as well as having his vehicle impounded.

However, as the man's vehicle was being searched, law enforcement agents found seven large-capacity AK-47 magazines. The vehicle also had three AR-15 large-capacity magazines as well as a magazine for a 9 mm pistol. Apparently, there were two rounds in the pistol magazine, according to police reports released to the public.

The police arrested the man and then proceeded to secure the scene. Detectives then obtained a search warrant to look for illegal firearms on the premises that they had under surveillance. This is when police discovered the alleged marijuana growing operation, resulting in drug charges added to the weapons charge. However, the suspect, who has yet to have a chance to defend himself, will be considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of law in California.

Source:, "Oakdale man arrested on drug, weapons charges", July 23, 2015

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