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August 2015 Archives

Federal jury finds former Marine guilty of sexual assault

A former U.S. Marine is awaiting sentencing after a federal jury in California found him guilty of sexually abusing an incapacitated female marine. The man was arrested after he was accused of sexual assault in March. He was then released on bond and was subjected to GPS monitoring, but he was back in custody immediately after being convicted.

Teen charged with sexual assault and burglaries in California

When a person is young, he or she may not have the best judgment and maturity. This is why many young people make poor decisions that result in serious legal problems. One teenager seems to be in this category and is now facing sexual assault charges in California.

Man arrested on DUI after fatal fiery collision in California

It can be quite disconcerting to find oneself involved in a car accident. However, it can be even worse when somebody dies in a car accident. Unfortunately, one man has found himself in this type of situation following a recent fatal crash in California that resulted in multiple deaths. He now finds himself facing DUI charges, which could result in serious penalties.

Man charged with DUI after high-speed chase in California

It is advisable to refrain from drinking and driving. However, for one reason or another many motorists fail to adhere to this wise advice. It turns out that one California man may have failed to follow this rule and also managed to allegedly break other laws at the same time. He is now facing DUI charges as well as another criminal offenses after a high speed chase with police.

Motorcycle gang members face a weapons charge in California

Most individuals have the right to bear arms with the proper registration and background checks. However, failure to do so can result in serious legal consequences. A group of Hells Angels motorcycle gang members have found themselves facing issue. The group of men were recently arrested on a weapons charge in California.

Man charged with sexual assault after meeting girl on phone app

Humans are animals, which means being driven partially by instinct and physiological impulses. However, many times these impulses run contrary to what society deems acceptable. When it comes to sexual impulses, this can cause serious legal problems for many. This seems to be what one man is facing after being arrested recently for sexual assault on a minor in California.

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