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Federal jury finds former Marine guilty of sexual assault

A former U.S. Marine is awaiting sentencing after a federal jury in California found him guilty of sexually abusing an incapacitated female marine. The man was arrested after he was accused of sexual assault in March. He was then released on bond and was subjected to GPS monitoring, but he was back in custody immediately after being convicted.

At the trial, the evidence showed that, despite not knowing the female Marine and only seeing her in passing on two occasions, the defendant had entered her apartment without invitation. He found her on the bed in a dark bedroom and proceeded to sexually assault her. The defendant then went to hide in a neighbor's house after the assault, and the woman reported the incident.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service located the defendant after a search of five days, and investigators say he told them that he was familiar with the signs of intoxication that can impair an individual's ability to consent to sex. He stated that he had been trained in the prevention of sexual assault. When he described the state of the victim, he told the NCIS investigators that she was too drunk to know what was happening.

When a California resident is convicted of sexual assault, the consequences could negatively affect his or her personal and professional life forever. Even after doing time in jail and completing probation, registration as a sex offender may be ordered that will remain a burden forever. Individuals who are accused of sexual assault may benefit from retaining the services of an experienced sexual assault attorney before agreeing to interviews with investigators or police. Having a lawyer to protect your rights throughout the proceedings may be invaluable.

Source:, "Former Marine convicted of sexual assault", Aug. 22, 2015

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