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4 men now face charges of child pornography in California

Humans make decisions based upon their needs and desires. Some of these needs cannot be controlled no matter how strong the person, such as the need for food. However, there are other needs and desires that are difficult to control for some people but are deemed wrong in society. Failure to control some of these desires can result in serious criminal charges, which is what four men have found out after being charged with statutory rape, child pornography and a variety of other charges in California.

The four suspects are alleged to have filmed a 15-year-old girl for the purposes of creating child pornography. The four men were arrested in late August and are now facing charges of multiple federal crimes, including conspiracy to produce child pornography. The defendants are alleged to have filmed themselves in sexual acts with the under-aged victim. The young girl was visibly intoxicated and even unconscious in some of the filmed sexual acts.

The filming purportedly occurred between July and August 2011. The child pornography and related charges follow an indictment by state prosecutors. The men had already been convicted of sexual assault of an unconscious victim, statutory rape, human trafficking and conspiracy to pimp a minor. 

The four defendants will now be facing a tough battle in court in defending the child pornography and other charges. On the other hand, despite the evidence against them, there still may be ways that the defendants can poke holes in the case presented by the prosecution in the California court. However, in order to prevail, the defendants will have to be properly prepared with a strong legal argument. This can result in a reduction in penalties or, in some cases, charges being dropped.

Source:, "4 Los Angeles men accused of filming teen for pornography", August 27, 2015

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