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Social media video results in weapons charge in California

In the new world of social media, it is important that people be wary of what they post online. Many times what a person posts can actually cause serious legal problems. Two men found this out the hard way after they posted a video of themselves on social media. They are now each facing a weapons charge in California.

The two men were recently arrested in late August after the two had posted their alleged crimes on the Internet via social media websites. Apparently, the video posted shows one 25-year-old man discharging a firearm while he was riding as a passenger in the front seat of a moving vehicle. The other suspect, a 28-year-old male, is believed to have been driving the vehicle. Nobody was injured during the incident, according to reports from authorities released to the public.

Along with weapons charges, the driver was also booked on drug charges. The exact details of the drug charges have yet to be released to the public by the police. Authorities later recovered the firearm that was allegedly used in the incident captured on video. Also, the reason that the suspect had been firing the gun is not yet known.

The two suspects will now be required to answer the weapons charge in a court of law in California. Although the weapons charges and the drug charge can result in serious punishments, both suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty. There may be various legal defense strategies they can employ during their trial. However, understanding how the legal process works and the laws that apply to their case will be essential in creating a strong legal defense.

Source:, "2 men arrested after allegedly starring in own crime video", August 31, 2015

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