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8 individuals each facing weapons charge in California

Mechanical ingenuity is a great skill to have in most instances, and the ability to build things can be quite useful. However, the usefulness entirely depends upon what one decides to build. In some cases, the items one decides to build are illegal, which is what happened to eight individuals who are each facing a weapons charge in California.

The eight suspects were charged with making and distributing firearms in mid-October. Many of the weapons they allegedly constructed are assault-style weapons that had been illegally equipped with silencers. Undercover officers seized or purchased over 230 firearms and silencers from the suspects. Many of the firearms lacked serial numbers, and police believe they were manufactured to be sold without transfer documents or background checks.

The indictment filed by the prosecution includes 70 criminal counts against the defendants. One of the defendants named includes a 27-year-old former probation officer. The former officer and his brother were alleged to have conspired to make and sell unlicensed firearms out of their homes. The 39-year-old brother is accused of utilizing his drill press to help machine the parts needed to assemble the firearms.

A weapons charge is a serious offense and can result in significant time behind bars. This is why is will be beneficial for the defendants in this case to properly prepare for their upcoming criminal trials in California. Preparation may include researching the laws related to their charges or retaining legal professionals to represent their interests and protect their rights during the criminal proceedings. 

Source: ABC News, "Feds Charge 8 in California With Distributing Homemade Guns", Don Thompson, Oct. 15, 2015

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