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Woman charged with DUI after hitting family in California

Perspective is everything. It is important to understand this and realize that every story has more than one side. One young woman will be looking to tell her side of the story following a fatal car crash that resulted in her facing DUI charges in California. The 21-year-old woman was driving on the road one evening in late September when the incident occurred.

Eyewitnesses say they saw the woman driving at a high rate of speed without headlights. The woman ended up crashing into a family as they were leaving a restaurant across the street. The family consisted of a man, his parents and his girlfriend. The man's mother ended up dying as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.

The man and his father also suffered serious injuries. All three of the victims were transported to a local medical facility with the man's father still currently hospitalized for major injuries. Police officially confirmed reports of the mother's death the next morning. Surrounding businesses have said they would release video feeds from their surveillance cameras, which may have recorded some footage of the crash.

On the other hand, the evidence from the surveillance cameras can be challenged in court, especially if the view of the street is not clear for one reason or another. This is just one of many possible legal defense strategies the suspect has for answering the DUI charges. If she can successfully cast doubt on the prosecution's case the charges may end up being dropped, since all defendants are presumed innocent until proved guilty during criminal trials in California.

Source: NBC San Diego, "1 Killed, 2 Injured After DUI Suspect Plows Into Family Coming From Dinner", Samantha Tatro, Omari Fleming and Monica Garske, Sept. 27, 2015

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