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November 2015 Archives

California woman faces DUI charge after fatal accident

Some California car accidents are labeled as alcohol-related incidents by police officers who respond to the scenes. In some circumstances, a driver is charged with driving under the influence, which can result in severe penalties under the law. A DUI conviction remains on a person's criminal record and can have a negative impact on his or her private and professional life.

Are you facing a weapons charge in California?

Laws involving firearms have become quite complex in California. This results in potential confusion for some gun owners who may not be aware of particular violations. It sometimes happens that a person facing a weapons charge did not realize he or she had done anything to break the law. Seeking clarification and guidance from an experienced criminal lawyer would most likely be beneficial in such circumstances.

California woman accused of DUI after guardrail impales car

There are a variety of ways in which a person might react to a near-death experience. Showing shock and confusion are likely common reactions if a person's life has been recently threatened. For many, the behavior they display in the aftermath of an accident could have some similarities to those who are under the influence of alcohol, making it difficult for officials to determine the cause of a person's behavior. One California woman whose car was impaled by a guardrail has recently been arrested for DUI.

California man faces DUI charges after fatal crash with officer

It is never a good thing to be arrested for driving under the influence. However, it can be even worse when one is arrested on DUI charges after crashing into a police car and killing a police officer. Unfortunately, one driver has found himself in this situation after a recent fatal car crash with a patrol car. The man is now facing DUI charges as a result of the wreck in Southern California.

Youth pastor charged with sexual assault in California

People are not born evil. Most people initially intend to do good. However, many times these people lose their way and end up following their carnal urges. It turns out one former youth pastor may have found himself in this situation and is now facing sexual assault charges in California.

Tough to fight zero-tolerance law for DUI in California

California is a state known for its beautiful scenery and tourist attractions. Hundreds of thousands enjoy the many amenities offered, including an active social scene and night life. Often, those partaking in such activities will choose to imbibe in alcoholic beverages. Problems can arise when, after a few drinks, someone gets behind the wheel of a car.  California has zero-tolerance laws for DUI, and they are tough to fight in court.

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