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Are you facing a weapons charge in California?

Laws involving firearms have become quite complex in California. This results in potential confusion for some gun owners who may not be aware of particular violations. It sometimes happens that a person facing a weapons charge did not realize he or she had done anything to break the law. Seeking clarification and guidance from an experienced criminal lawyer would most likely be beneficial in such circumstances.

At the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III, our dedicated legal team has defended clients against all types of firearm-related charges. Our vast understanding of the law allows us to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have regarding your individual situation. Being charged with a weapons violation is a serious matter that can negatively impact your personal and professional life.

Whether the charges you now face involve unlawful possession of a firearm, wrongful discharge of a weapon or an unlawful weapons sale, we are prepared to act in your defense in court. Our consultations with firearms experts helps us build strong defenses against any number of weapons-related charges. In some situations, we are able to obtain a reduction of charges or dismissal of a case on a client's behalf.

By investigating the fine details of the events that led to your arrest, our experienced attorneys can make certain that the charges against you actually match the circumstances. When possible, we are sometimes able to help a person facing a weapons charge avoid incarceration. You can request a consultation with an attorney at the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore III in California by phone or via the contact form on our website.

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