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December 2015 Archives

2 face weapons charge in California

Individuals in the United States have the legal right to own fire arms. However, this right is not unchecked, and there are various laws that regulate gun ownership and usage. Failure to follow these rules can result in a weapons charge. Two men have found this out the hard way and are now facing criminal charges related to the sale of homemade fire arms in California.

School bus driver charged with DUI in California

Driving while intoxicated is a serious criminal offense. This can result in heavy punishment and even time behind bars. However, it is even more serious when there are children involved in the incident. This is what one school bus driver is finding out after being charged with a DUI in California.

Feds cracking down on sale of 'ghost guns' in Northern California

It may come as no surprise for people to learn that the nation's recent struggles with gun-related violence have resulted in calls for increased restrictions on firearms dealers by both lawmakers and their constituents. What may come as a suprise, however, is that these recent struggles have also resulted in increased crackdowns by federal law enforcement officials.

Clown performer charged with sexual assault in California

Self control is a virtue in most cases. However, this can be difficult for many people in certain circumstances. This can be particularly difficult at times when people are dealing with their sexual urges. It turns out one man may have faced this challenge recently, and he is now facing sexual assault charges in California.

Young driver arrested for suspected DUI in California

Bad decisions can be costly in many aspects of life. Deciding to drive after drinking alcohol is no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, it is possible that one young man may have made this mistake in a recent car accident. The young motorist is now facing DUI charges in California that could result in serious injuries if the case ends in a drunk driving conviction.

Man may be charged with sexual assault in California

Misunderstandings can occur in all types of social situations. Now, with the advent of the Internet these types of social situations can take on a whole other level. This is the type of situation one man may have found himself in California. In fact, the man possibly may be charged with sexual assault.

Drunk driving conviction can permanently mar a person's record

For reasons often unknown, California motorists and others sometimes choose to get behind the wheels of their vehicles after drinking alcoholic beverages. This sometimes leads to disastrous situations. If confronted by law enforcement and blood-alcohol-content testing registers above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle, a person can face drunk driving charges in court. If a drunk driving conviction is handed down, that person's record may be permanently marred, possibly affecting the ability to obtain gainful employment or seek business or educational opportunities in the future.

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