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2 face weapons charge in California

Individuals in the United States have the legal right to own fire arms. However, this right is not unchecked, and there are various laws that regulate gun ownership and usage. Failure to follow these rules can result in a weapons charge. Two men have found this out the hard way and are now facing criminal charges related to the sale of homemade fire arms in California.

The two suspects were arrested in February and are now facing criminal charges in federal court. The defendants are being accused of creating homemade fire arms and then selling them on the black market. Authorities had conducted a 14-month sting operation in order to obtain the evidence they allege shows the defendants had broken the law.

Undercover agents purchased 44 fire arms during the sting operation, according to documents filed with the court. The authorities also claim that they had discovered additional illicit fire arms during a raid at a tire shop and at the homes of the defendants. These fire arms included 13 pistols, three AR-15s, one shotgun, three AK-47s and three silencers. Also, over 1,200 rounds of ammunition were discovered during the raid.

On the other hand, the defendants have yet to have their story heard. They will have the opportunity to do this when presenting their respective legal defense arguments in the court of law in California. However, the defendants will need to be able to cast significant doubt upon the prosecution's case. Additionally, it is important for a defendant to follow the correct court procedures in order to be successful in defending against a weapons charge.

Source:, "California black market surges for ???ghost guns???", Sam Stanton and Denny Walsh, December 19, 2015

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