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Man may be charged with sexual assault in California

Misunderstandings can occur in all types of social situations. Now, with the advent of the Internet these types of social situations can take on a whole other level. This is the type of situation one man may have found himself in California. In fact, the man possibly may be charged with sexual assault.

The incident is said to have occurred one evening in early December when the man purportedly met with a woman after communicating with her on the Internet. The woman, a student, at the University of California at Berkley, says she agreed to meet the man at an unspecified location off campus. She claims that she was attacked by the man a short time after meeting him.

The university police department received a call about the attack at approximately 10:45 p.m. They are now on the lookout for an unidentified, 26-year-old Hispanic man. The authorities have not released any further information to the public regarding the suspect. It is also unclear as to what other evidence the authorities may have that could support the woman's claim that she was actually assaulted.

If and when the man is located, it appears likely that he will be facing sexual assault charges. If so, he will have to answer to them in a California criminal courtroom. It remains to be seen how this case will progress, and a lot more information must come to light for prosecutors to secure a conviction. Nevertheless, an individual facing this type of situation is best served by retaining criminal defense counsel at the first opportunity.

Source:, "Sexual Assault Involving College Student at Berkeley", December 6, 2015

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