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Probation officer identifies man on probation for weapons charge

On the morning of a recent Wednesday, a California probation officer visited an apartment building in Desert Hot Springs to check on the compliance of a resident when he recognized another man that was on probation. The man was reportedly on probation for a weapons charge. The Police Chief reported that the probation officer stopped the man, and upon searching him, a handgun was found in his possession.

As the officer was about to cuff the man, he allegedly broke away, assaulted an officer and then escaped into an apartment where he barricaded himself. After a stand-off of about three hours, and with a California Highway Patrol support plane circling the building, armed officers entered the complex. After several loudspeaker calls for the man to come out, three individuals reportedly agreed to come out. They were handcuffed and led out the building.

One of the three individuals was a woman who was detained, but she was not arrested. The man on probation was arrested and charged with a probation violation, assaulting an officer, and being under the influence of drugs. The other man, who is facing charges for two outstanding arrest warrants, was also charged with felony possession of a firearm of which the serial number had been altered. According to police, the investigation is ongoing, and more charges may follow after the search of the apartment is completed.

California laws related to weapons are complex, and often difficult to understand. Any person facing a weapons charge is entitled to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Each case is unique, and an attorney will base his defense strategy on the circumstances of each case.

Source:, "2 arrested in DHS police standoff, repeat of situation 5 months ago", Patrick Edgell, Jan. 13, 2016

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