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February 2016 Archives

VIDEO: How a DUI becomes much more serious when an accident is involved

Being pulled over and charged with a DUI has serious consequences in the state of California. However, the consequences of causing an accident that left people with injuries while driving under the influence are even more serious.

VIDEO: When to contact an attorney after a DUI arrest

After you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in California, it's important to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately, but within 10 days at the very latest. Find out why in the video below:

Man faces drug, weapons charge following fatal shooting

One man in California was recently arrested after allegedly engaging in crimes related to drugs and weapons. The arrest took place following a police narcotics investigation associated with a deadly shooting. When a person faces a drug charge or weapons charge, he is always presumed innocent until and unless his guilt is proved in court beyond a reasonable doubt.

Multiple legal options available for person facing weapons charge

Laws dealing with weapons in California have increased in complexity. This is why it is usually hard for the owners of guns to know whether or not they are violating particular weapons laws. An attorney can explain to a gun owner what all of his or her legal options are if he or she ends up facing a weapons charge.

VIDEO: What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence charges can ruin a person's life. They may involve an incident such as a shoving match between two spouses or allegations of one spouse murdering the other spouse. The potential consequences of domestic violence charges depend on the severity of the situation, but they can range from community service to life in prison.

DUI arrest has many consequences and associated costs

Being accused of driving under the influence can have many long-term consequences in the state of California. A DUI conviction produces not just explicit costs but also hidden costs. As such, those charged with DUI would do well to consult an experienced DUI attorney to better understand their situation and protect their rights.

VIDEO: The consequences of sexual assault and other sex crimes

If you have been charged with a sex crime such as sexual assault, then you probably already know that the potential consequences that you face are very serious. Most sex crimes can result in a very long prison sentence as well as the requirement of registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

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