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DUI arrest has many consequences and associated costs

Being accused of driving under the influence can have many long-term consequences in the state of California. A DUI conviction produces not just explicit costs but also hidden costs. As such, those charged with DUI would do well to consult an experienced DUI attorney to better understand their situation and protect their rights.

A person who is arrested on DUI charges may be released on his or her own recognizance, or the person may have to post bond. In addition, the court levies fines and fees in connection with the DUI charges. An ignition interlock will also need to be installed in order for a person facing a repeat DUI offense to apply for restricted driving privileges. If alcohol ends up being detected on a person's breath, the car will not start.

Depending on the circumstances, a person arrested for DUI may qualify to take part in a diversion program, which requires him or her to pay in order to participate. In addition, once a person is arrested for DUI, his or her driver's license will be suspended, and he or she must pay to have it reinstated. Car insurance rates in California may also more than double following a DUI arrest, and these rates take 10 years to recover. Based on California law, drivers lose eligibility for good driver discounts for a decade following DUI convictions.

Being charged with DUI in California can naturally be frightening, but proper legal guidance may help a person to fight for his or her best interests considering the circumstances. If it is not possible to get the charges dismissed, reduced charges may be sought, such as a simple moving violation or reckless driving. In addition, legal counsel may help a defendant to challenge the suspension of his or her license after it has been seized by an arresting officer.

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