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Multiple legal options available for person facing weapons charge

Laws dealing with weapons in California have increased in complexity. This is why it is usually hard for the owners of guns to know whether or not they are violating particular weapons laws. An attorney can explain to a gun owner what all of his or her legal options are if he or she ends up facing a weapons charge.

The majority of weapons-related charges have to do with firearms. However, attorneys can also handle issues related to weapons such as martial art objects, billy clubs, switchblades and knives. Situations that involve guns and result in weapons charges include using a gun to commit a crime or assault someone, unlawfully selling a firearm, and discharging firearms in a manner that violates local ordinances.

A weapons charge may also be filed against a felon who possesses a firearm as well as a person who has an assault weapon or has a gun with no permit. An attorney who builds a strong case against these types of charges may end up getting the charges reduced or even dismissed. An important focus of the defense attorney is to make sure that the weapons charges actually match the circumstances. For instance, if a person is accused with having an assault weapon, the lawyer will ascertain whether that weapon was really an assault weapon. In addition, if a gun was found in a person's car, an attorney may be able to demonstrate the lack of constructive possession, thus preventing the person from facing possession charges.

When a person in California faces a weapons charge, an attorney can help to build an image of a good citizen, which may include obtaining character references or showing that the accused individual has no criminal record. This is invaluable because the consequences of being convicted on weapons charges include fines, lengthy probation and even the forfeiture of a person's firearm. An attorney can answer any questions people have concerning weapons charges and how they can protect their best interests considering the circumstances surrounding their cases.

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