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Knowledge of juvenile law may help minors facing criminal charges

Parents may naturally be distraught upon learning that their children have been charged with crimes. Figuring out where to turn and what options they have can be confusing. However, an attorney in California who has a strong grasp of juvenile law may help a family to successfully resolve juvenile criminal charges and move on with their lives.

Some parents whose children have become entangled in the juvenile justice system may think that defending their children against minor charges does not require an attorney.  In reality, the stakes are far too high to take such a chance. Proper legal guidance may help parents to attain the most personally favorable results possible for their children.

Once an arrest takes place, an attorney's initial objective is to have the child be released on supervision in the home. Then, the goal is to get the child's charges reduced or even dismissed. In some cases, a child may have his or her charges dismissed if he or she fulfills particular criteria within a certain timeframe after the juvenile's court date. Every effort is made to protect the current and future interests of the child. 

Juvenile charges in California can range from the possession of drugs to theft and more. Common charges include vandalism, battery and underage drinking. A strong understanding of juvenile law may help the parents of children facing various types of criminal charges to pursue outcomes that are ultimately in their children's best interests, taking into consideration the facts surrounding their unique cases.

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