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Underage DUI charge may lead to stiff consequences

The laws concerning drinking while underage are severe in the state of California. This is particularly true for those accused of DUI. A driver who is under 21 and has a measurable quantity of alcohol in his or her blood will end up losing his or her license for a year.

Even if a juvenile has not been drinking but has alcohol in his or her car, charges of minor in possession may be filed. The juvenile can also lose his or her driver's license. Fortunately, proper legal guidance can help the juvenile defend himself or herself in court against the state's zero-tolerance laws regarding driving under the influence.

The ultimate goal of the criminal defense is to keep a juvenile who has been charged with DUI working and in school rather than in jail. Various strategies may enable juveniles to achieve convictions on lesser charges, such as a moving violation or reckless driving charge. It may even be possible to get a full acquittal and have the juvenile's DUI charges completely dismissed in some cases.

A person involved in an underage DUI case in the state of California can expect a defense attorney to challenge the DUI traffic stop that led to his or her arrest. Legal counsel may also examine the results of the individual's blood alcohol level test. Charges, as well as penalties, are more severe when higher amounts of alcohol are found in people's systems through these tests, so it is critical to make sure that any obtained readings are accurate.

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