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April 2016 Archives

Woman accused of DUI and causing death pleads not guilty

A woman in California is accused of causing a vehicle collision in California due to driving while under the influence of marijuana. A passenger riding in an oncoming vehicle ended up dying in the crash. The alleged DUI accident occurred on a Sunday.

Top 3 Defenses Against Red Light Camera Tickets

In recent years, red light cameras have become widespread in many cities throughout the United States. Citizens have gone to battle with mixed success to fight against the expensive and unwelcome fines that arrive in the mail when they are least expected. As new ways have developed to legally challenge photographic evidence, here are three defenses against red light tickets that have proven to be successful in court.

California minor arrested on DUI allegations

A California teen was taken into police custody following a fatal, one-vehicle wreck. The 18-year-old is facing allegations of driving under the influence and of possible vehicular manslaughter. The potential implications of a DUI and other charges on a young person's life can be quite profound, putting this young man in what is likely a difficult position.

Sexual assault conviction handed down against former swimmer

Jurors in California recently found a man guilty of sexually assaulting a fellow college student. The man is said to have met the woman he assaulted at a fraternity party. The man who has been convicted of sexual assault was a swimmer at the university.

Teenager charged with DUI following fatal wreck

A vehicle collision recently led to the deaths of two individuals in California. The accident, allegedly caused by a teenager, was reportedly the result of DUI. The 19-year-old woman believed to have been driving under the influence at the time of the crash has been arrested and now faces multiple charges.

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