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Top 3 Defenses Against Red Light Camera Tickets

In recent years, red light cameras have become widespread in many cities throughout the United States. Citizens have gone to battle with mixed success to fight against the expensive and unwelcome fines that arrive in the mail when they are least expected. As new ways have developed to legally challenge photographic evidence, here are three defenses against red light tickets that have proven to be successful in court.

1. Are the driver and the driver's car recognizable in the photo?

The first weapon that should be used to fight the validity of a red light camera ticket is the clarity of the photo used to capture the alleged offense. A qualified attorney can simply question in court whether the judge is absolutely certain beyond a reasonable doubt that it's the driver and the driver's car in the picture.

2. Was the camera working properly?

It is the burden of the prosecution to show that the camera was working properly at the time of the driver's citation, and they must have evidence besides the photo to prove the traffic light was functioning normally.

3. Were warning signs obviously present at the intersection?

An additional defense an attorney may consider when defending against the red light ticket is whether there were non-visible or missing signs that were required to be present to warn drivers of photo enforcement. If the signs were missing, the ticket could be thrown out.

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