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May 2016 Archives

Man faces drug charges, weapons charge in California

One man in California has been accused of illegally cultivating marijuana. The man, however, claimed that he really has been growing medical marijuana for ailing and disabled veterans under a special program. He has recently pleaded not guilty in court to drug charges and a weapons charge.

New bill in California will affect DUI offenders

MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in California has been making an effort to keep repeat DUI offenders off the road. These efforts are being made with proposed legislation known as Senate Bill 1046. This bill will make it mandatory for any person who receives a DUI in the state of California to put an ignition interlock device in his or her car -- even if it is his or her first offense.

11, including ex fire fighter, face child pornography charges

A former California fire fighter was recently accused of downloading child pornography at fire stations. He is one of a total of 11 men in one county who have been charged with child pornography as part of a huge child porn bust. Police said the men used file-sharing programs to take part in trading the pornography.

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