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Learn Important Trial Language

Anyone navigating the legal system for the first time will encounter some unfamiliar terms. An attorney will provide assistance with understanding legal trial lingo. Exploring these words will also help people prepare for the legal vocabulary they may hear.

Acquittal - A judge or jury can find a defendant not guilty, which results in an acquittal of charges.

Delay - Also known as a continuance, a delay is a postponement of a scheduled court appearance to a later date.

Dismissal - A dismissal terminates a criminal charge or a lawsuit. A party can voluntarily end a lawsuit, a judge can rule for a dismissal, or an appeals court can dismiss an appeal.

Stay - A judge may order a stay in judicial proceedings to give a defendant time to pay a judgment or vacate a property.

Testimony - A witness testifying in a trial presents oral evidence, also known as a testimony.

Speaking with an attorney helps people understand all aspects of a legal proceeding to make terms more familiar. 

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