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Man accused of child pornography in California

A child pornography charge has been filed against a California man. He was arrested and accused of possessing child pornography after a month-long police investigation. Reportedly, he is 23 years old.

Police started investigating the man after receiving a tip from a task force focusing on internet crimes committed against children. Detectives obtained a search warrant and then searched an apartment. There, they retrieved multiple computers.

A task force forensic specialist examined the computers and reportedly recovered several files that featured both still images and videos of child pornography. After being interviewed by detectives, the man was arrested and booked at a jail. A $35,000 bail was set.

Charges related to child pornography are serious, as convictions can have severe consequences, including prison or jail time as well as a lengthy probation and having to register on the sex offenders' list. However, when an individual is accused of the possession of child pornography in California, he or she is always presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty in court. The prosecution must prove this type of charge beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can be secured. In some cases, an accused person may be given the opportunity to strike a plea deal with the prosecution, which might offer the benefit of a more lenient sentence than what would be rendered if he or she were to be found guilty after trial. A close look at the evidence that prosecutors intend to present in court may very well be a central focus for the criminal defense in an effort to achieve the best outcome possible in the defendant's case.

Source:, "Paso Robles Resident Faces Child Pornography Charges", July 22, 2016

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