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5 arrested for possessing, distributing child pornography

Five individuals were recently arrested for committing sex crimes in the state of California. Specifically, they were taken into custody for being involved in a child pornography ring. According to police, they distributed child porn to a network of individuals.

The ages of the suspects arrested are 34, 35, 36, 38 and 42. According to authorities, the 34-year-old individual and 38-year-old individual had uploaded and distributed pornography that depicted kids on multiple websites. The children in the pornographic content were reported as under 10 years old.

Through their investigation, police learned that these two individuals had been sending child porn to the other three individuals. All five of the individuals are now awaiting trial. Their charges range from possessing child porn to distributing it.

When people in California face child pornography charges, their charges have to be proved at trial beyond a reasonable doubt before convictions can be secured in their cases. This standard is in place in an effort to prevent innocent individuals from being found guilty of crimes they did not commit. Defense counsel will take a close look at the evidence that prosecutors intend to furnish to support the child porn allegations. Alternatively, the defendant may opt to seek to strike plea deal with the prosecution, as this may lead to a more lenient sentence than what would be imposed following a finding of guilt at trial. Either way, the criminal defense will push for the most favorable outcome for the accused, considering the circumstances surrounding the case, while also ensuring that his or her relevant rights are upheld at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Source:, "Sacramento man arrested for ties to California child porn ring", Oct. 3, 2016

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