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Why do people think Thanksgiving Eve is a top bar night?

You may think of family, food and football when you think of Thanksgiving, but the truth is that many people think of it as a holiday centered around partying with their friends. Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest bar night of the year, even surpassing New Year's Eve.

One reason is the same as it is on New Year's Eve: There's no work the next day. People feel free to drink and stay up as late as they want, knowing they can sleep in. Thanksgiving is already a relaxing holiday where people don't do too much, which is perfect for those who have been out all night.

For young people, it's also a chance to meet back up with high school friends. College students may not have seen them for months. For young adults who are out of college, it may have been a year. When everyone comes home, it can be fun to go out and catch up with the old crew.

Thanksgiving Eve is also huge for bars specifically since people don't want to have friends over and entertain. They already have family coming over in the morning, and they need to prepare for the holiday. It's easier to go out and relax, rather than throwing two gatherings in a row.

Of course, since this is such a big bar night, the police are out looking for drunk drivers. They also know the trends and the likelihood that some people will be on the road after having a little too much to drink. If you get a DUI before the holiday, you need to know your rights under California's drunk driving laws.

Source: Bar and Club Stats, "Thanksgiving Eve is the Biggest Drinking Night of the Year," accessed Nov. 10, 2016

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