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Common types of violent weapons charges

A violent weapons charge can happen to virtually any Roseville resident who owns a violent weapon. We have these weapons to protect ourselves, and safeguard the lives of our families and loved ones. However, when someone is accused of breaking weapons possession laws -- or using a violent weapon inappropriately -- it represents a serious criminal charge that comes with harsh criminal punishments in the event of a conviction.

Violent weapons charges can relate to all types of weapons like billy clubs, switchblades, knives, martial arts weapons and more. They can even things that aren't normally considered weapons if they have been used in a certain way. However, most alleged violent weapons crimes involve handguns.

Let's take a look at some of the most common crimes that a Roseville resident might be accused of relating to firearms:

-- Gun possession with no permit: Individuals might be accused of owning a gun without having an appropriate permit.

-- Illegal discharge of a firearm: Some Roseville residents might want to use their firearms for practice or to protect themselves, but after using the weapon, they are accused of committing negligence or violating local firearm ordinances.

-- Illegal firearm sales: Selling a firearm is not as simple as giving a gun to someone in exchange for cash. It's very easy for a Roseville resident to accidentally violate the law when trying to sell his or her weapons.

-- Assault weapons possession: Assault weapons have strict laws and regulations that apply to them and in some cases an individual may be accused of breaking those laws.

-- Committing a crime with a handgun or deadly weapon: Being accused of committing a crime is one thing. When the crime also involves the use of a deadly weapon, it is escalated in severity and comes with the threat of exponentially more severe punishments.

Roseville residents accused of firearms-related crimes, or crimes related to any kind of weapon, will have the right to defend themselves in court against the charges. Indeed, no person will ever be convicted of a crime -- or punished for a crime -- until and only if the individual is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Until that moment, the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore, III, will carry out every legal strategy available to try and reduce and/or eliminate the threat and severity of potential punishments.

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